Untamed Optimism

I knew it was going to be a rough morning when I woke up. Not because I woke up late, but because I had absolutely no desire to put clothes on, brush my hair, and walk to class. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

There are mornings you wake up, and you feel like letting out a moan that’s somewhere between a  hungry bear, and a moose making a mating call. Thoughts of all the stuff you have to accomplish in the next 12 hours, make you cling tighter to your pillow, and cause you to want to give in to the comfort and security your bed provides.

It’s especially hard when the weather does absolutely nothing to encourage you to wear something other than some type of jersey material and an oversized-sweater combination. And yet class still goes on, projects, are still expected to be completed, and your friends are still planning on having that party for that one girl you had class with like two semesters ago.

My time I’ve spent in college has come, and will be gone soon, and I have learned that choosing to stay in bed does not make you immune to the world around you. People expect you to remember your responsibilities and part of me wants to say, CONFOUND YOUR UNREASONABLE RESPONSIBILITIES. I NEED SLEEP!! And then I remember the person that is expecting me to show up for work, or for class is probably just as tired as I am.

My point is, life, once it gets going is almost nearly impossible to slow down, and although there will be times you give in to your pillow’s persuasion. Every thing you tried to sleep through will still be waiting for you when your feet hit the bedroom floor. So face the day, or don’t face the day the choice is up to you. Either way you slice it, your day will go on with or without you.

So yeah, my morning was a bit rough, and my hair looked like a birds nest, but all in all today is turning out to be a good day. And it will continue to be a good day because I chose to get out of bed and live it. I hope my pillow is not too offended.


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