The Art Community

Creativity is hard to come by, but in the beautiful upstate of South Carolina it flourishes. There are so many talented people, and creativity just oozes out of them. (Sorry if that was a bit graphic) This week I had the privilege of working on a video news story for one of my classes–Reporting for Broadcast. I was able to meet some of these talented people in my college town, and was just blown away at the amazing things they are doing.

It was also refreshing to see genuine people doing something they are truly passionate about, and I think that is really the key to success. If you are able to do something you are passionate about whether it’s making doughnuts or making clothing if that’s what get’s you going in the morning and excited to get out of bed then that’s fantastic. And that is why I admire and appreciate the beautiful and passionate art community in Greenville because the people who are involved in creating and producing amazing things truly love what they do.


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