Little Road Trips

I used to hate driving. Due to the unfortunate fact that when I was little. I used to have nightmares about driving our family vehicle on road trips, and then somehow managing to kill us all in a terrible crash. Whether those recurring nightmares actually meant anything or not at the time, I have since […]

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Don’t Just Cope

Recently, I was having coffee with a really good friend of mine, and for the first time in a long time. I needed to share. All the things that I try so hard to have a lid on and keep bottled up for fear of people seeing just how much I really don’t have it […]

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Hey, it’s been a while

I can’t even begin to describe how many times I have both sent those words, and received them from others. It’s not like I mean to forget people or purposefully don’t communicate. If anything I want to stay in touch with those I care about and come in contact.

And yet I struggle, I don’t text people back or I forget to respond to Facebook messages and if I do remember it’s days later or to my chagrin not at all. Why is it so difficult to stay connected? While many would say we are over connected, I would argue we are’t that connected at all. At least not in the sense that actually matters.

Sure Facebook is a wonderful tool to be utilized to keep up with friends and family that are no longer close in proximity. As the daughter of a Marine, the invention of Facebook came at an opportune time. We moved constantly (every three years to be exact) and while writing letters for me and my best friend was always the norm. Facebook brought a different level of “staying in touch” that other mediums such as letters and phone calls couldn’t really surpass.

I mean not only could I see what my friends were doing, but in a way I felt like I wasn’t really missing out on certain things like birthdays, and graduations because I could see them happening through a screen. Here in lies the danger for me at least. Simply being able to see things through my computer screen, phone screen, or whatever type of screen is out there became enough.

I can’t really say when that started to happen but it did. Instead of calling my high school friend and congratulating her on landing that big time job, I liked it on Facebook, or my personal favorite wishing people Happy Birthday. There was a time I used to send cards to those I felt close to on their special day, but Facebook seemed to replace even that to.

Please don’t misunderstand, as an avid user of social media especially Instagram I am in no way saying Facebook and other media platforms need to go away, and even if I were to be arguing for that I don’t see how the vanishing of these platforms would help us as human beings start caring more.

The simple act of caring not the reactions you can attach to people’s statuses or reposts, and certainly not the retweeting of something that struck a cord within you. But really actually truly caring about the person behind the screen. Whether they are of the same belief or race or whatever the case.

These screens we have come to live behind. They will be what we chose to spend all of our time with. How sad to think that with all of our sophistication all of our achievements and desires to be the most connected generation this world has probably ever seen. We are some of the loneliest people. Why is that?

I don’t have the answers to that question, but I do know for me that I want to stop living my life from behind a screen. I don’t want to just update people and write meaningless prose that only reach a max limit of a 140 characters. I want to live, and really live. If people are that curios to know what I am doing with my life. Ask me. Invite me to coffee and I will tell you face to face what is going on in my life.

Haha, how wonderful that would be would it not! To simply, call someone up on the phone day or night, and just be like. “Hey! It’s been a while . . . ”



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Snow Days Can Be Productive

The first real snow I’ve seen in a long while was a welcome this past week when all my classes were cancelled and I was able to work on a photography assignment for one of the classes that was actually cancelled.

It was definitely a relief because like most of my college peers I’m a true procrastinator and wait till the bitter end to work on assignments. While I know this is not a good habit to nurture, I still find myself getting things done at the last second. What can I say, other than I’m a work in progress.

I have found that the struggle to get things done ahead of schedule has been a problem I’ve had since my elementary years. I honestly don’t know why I find it so easy to put things off, but it is a real struggle. I tell myself, “it will get done, or I’ve still got time.”

Sure the work gets done, but often times it’s at the last minute, and I’m a complete and utter wreck trying to get it all done correctly and in a worthy manner of submission. What I find most amusing is that I’m no stranger to deadlines, and yet I catch myself putting things off constantly.

Is there hope, or am I doomed to be that person that pulls late nighters and trudges to early morning classes with red eyes and disheveled appearance because I waited till the last minute to do all the homeworks?

Because let’s face it deadlines don’t stop once you’ve graduated from high school or college. They take on new shapes in the “real world” in the form of car payments, and rent. But I am happy to say there is hope for all my procrastinating pals out there. It’s called a planner.

(Revolutionary I know) Whether digital or physical a planner of some kind can make life much more doable especially if at this point in the semester you’re like me, and you’re saying “oh right that paper was due today.”

I’m a huge proponent of a physical planner because I love to write stuff down, and I can go back and scratch stuff off and that feeling of accomplishment is literally the best feeling in the world.

However, if you’re a technophile and love your smart device that’s perfectly fine too! Whatever helps you not forget things are due, and deadlines do exist. Just keep something that will help you avoid showing up to said deadline  without looking like a zombie apocalypse victim.

On the off chance you were wondering (it’s totally fine if you were not), I did complete that photography assignment on time. And getting to cross it off my list of things to do was in fact glorious. But it’s only January there is still a long way to go, and that’s totally fine because I’ve got my planner and together her and I shall conquer this semester!





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The View from Up There

Tin cans. That’s all I could think about the first time I went up in an airplane. I would like to say that I wasn’t terrified and that the thought of being ten thousand feet above ground was thrilling but that would be a lie. Truth be told the take-off made me inclined to vomit. […]

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The Road Less Traveled

“I shall be telling this with a sigh, somewhere ages and ages hence: two roads diverged in a wood and I–I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” I hadn’t really been much of a poetry person growing up, and I can say with all sincerity I am still […]

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Untamed Optimism

I knew it was going to be a rough morning when I woke up. Not because I woke up late, but because I had absolutely no desire to put clothes on, brush my hair, and walk to class. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. There are mornings you wake up, and you […]

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